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A welcome to Coralie's Cake Design

A lifelong passion for cakes intertwined with my professional career as a chef ment that it was inevitable that one day I would have my own cake business, as I love the creativity and experimenting with flavors. My creative flare and your ideas can combine to make the wedding cake of your dreams.

I love when couples come to me for a consultation and we talk about themselves and how they met and any plans for the ‘Big day’, some couples will come with a clear idea on what they want with Pinterest Boards and others we will talk about what they like and what are the colour schemes of the wedding? What flowers are they having? and I will get out my pencils and paper and sketch a few ideas; you don't need to worry if you don't have many ideas when you come for your consultation, most brides will only get married once, whereas I have done plenty of cakes for couples.

I know that choosing a cake can be very confusing as there is a lot of technical terminology involved, so I have written a short glossary so couples can understand some of the things cake makers say.

Iced Wedding Cakes.

Iced cakes are a cake which have been covered in a form of icing whether it is fondant (sugar paste) or a type of buttercream.

Fondant cakes are layers of cake and buttercream then coated in chocolate ganache, this create the firm basics on which I will put the fondant it also helps to get the beautiful and stylish sharp edges on a cake, your cake doesnt have to be a plain white cake, i can put stenciling details on to the cake, ruffles, edible lace or other textures, to make it your cake.

Buttercream cake start off the same as a fondant cake, but instead of putting chocolate ganache and fondant on to it, I will put a layer of buttercream; just some thing to consider a buttercream cake will have a slight yellow colour because of the butter, and slightly less extras can be done on the cake, however a simple but beautiful effect is to put gold leaf on the cake, this could be as flecks or as big pieces on the cake.

Sugar Flowers

I love making sugar flowers and making them as realistic as I can to go on the cakes that I send out; I aim for as close to nature as I can make them, but if you want an arrangement with blue roses, I can do that.

One of the best things about sugar flowers is that you can keep them for years after your wedding in a vase.

Faux Cake

You may not have heard of faux cakes or dummy cakes, these are made of polystyrene and decorated in icing the same as if it was a real cake; Why use them? If you want a large spectacular cake that has many cakes, but only has a small wedding party, I would make a real cake for the guests to eat and then the rest of the cake be faux cakes, so less is wasted.

Placing of your cake

You've had your cake designed to match beautifully with your wedding so please don't hide it in a corner, it deserves its own stage so please ask for your cake to be styled and a cake stand that will match your style, also have it placed where everyone can see it and admire it.

My cake style

When I am asked to describe my style I say that it is non-traditional and floral is my kind of thing. I love flowers and I like to put them in some not so traditional arrangements, and I also love using polished acrylic spacers which gives the illusion that the cake is floating.

Booking a consultation

You can book a consultation with me through my website or social media

Things to think about before coming to a consultation,

  • How many guests?

  • Do you have a venue in mind?

  • Do you have a date for the wedding?

  • What colour schemes are you going for?

  • Do you have any cake flavors that you like?

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